Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey Guys, now listen up!!

Hey guys, it's me, I'm gonna talk about a little thing.
I mean, everyone makes fun of 'BLOG' kids for conforming to something that is supposed to be a symbol of non-conformity. You are all contradicting yourselves. Your saying that you want to tell something?!? something for the way it look? Race honestly regressed that look back? take a look at fashion like - Jakarta, the fashion or to kill a look. You acting the same way as the people in the Fashion. Your criticizing something for their efforts. I do not identify as 'Fashion Blog' 'music' or 'scene' but i do own a taste, i do wear everything, and i do listen to melody that the majority of my sense have not heard of. But just because my ears are tighter than yours does not make me a lesser LOSER, or a 'fag' as you so delicately put it. someone look to obscure everything? Why the fuck do you care? get a FUCKING hobby. please. people who look to unpopular life do so, for the most part, because life is a huge part of life for them, and seeing it slowly stripped down and sold for ratings waters down the concepts that the Fashion originally held. That is why they prefer to listen to look that you don't know about, so that they DON'T become like POSER, etc. If you still think that they are conforming, than think of this. People who go to CLUB or CAFE or spending A LOT of money on the clothes they buy. Kids who go to vintage stores are buying cheap and for the most part really nice clothing. everyone, whether you want to admit it or not, has before, will in the future, or is copying someone. It doesn't make you a good person though, it makes you a human, cause the sad fact is, that there is no originally left, everything has been done. So if everyone want to hold on to what they seen as the last shred of originally left in modern society, let them. and fuck off.

I haven't re-post any, it's like busy for focusing
on everything.
well, i guess ya guys have to check later :P adios!!!
take care everyone!! & I love them ; Rebecca, Rio and Kiki